Experience You Can Trust.


We are a family run business with Marvin, Daryl and Brian Zimmerman serving our customers.


Brian Zimmerman

Brian Zimmerman has grown up around cars and always had a technical mind to figure out how things work. In high school he attended the VoTech for Automotive Repair and excelled to the point that he won a national competition for automotive diagnostics (and won a brand new car!).

He got married and has three wonderful children and fosters children from time to time as well. 

Daryl Zimmerman

Daryl Zimmerman has grown up in the automotive repair industry, changing his first set of brake pads at 12 yrs old.

He also attended VoTech in high school but for Auto Body Repair. After graduation he came to work full time and has been an all-around tech ever since, working in both the mechanical and auto body positions. Daryl also works in the car lot.

He spends most of his free time outside of work with his wife and four children or at the inner city youth church they run, Feet on the Street Ministries.